Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Would Gwyneth Do?

I'm starting to realize that going sugar free for a month sucks.  It's insane how strong a sugar craving can be.  I can literally eat a full meal, and even knowing that I have plenty of food in my stomach, still feel hungry for "something else."  The real downside to this is that I end up eating another piece of fruit to satisfy the craving and I wonder if a piece of dark chocolate would end up being less calories than the apple or pear that I just ate.  The smell of the fruit loops that I pour in my son's cereal bowl is a torture of my own making and I now see sugar everywhere the same way a pregnant woman spots other pregnant bellies out and about.

So this got me thinking, why does a body crave things?  I've always believed that your body craves the things that it needs.  So does your body need sugar?  I know the great Gwyneth Paltrow would probably say she'd rather snort cocaine than eat a cookie...or was that eat cheese out of a can...whatever...she wouldn't like it either way.  But, then again maybe she's just cranky from not having had a cookie since she became the high priestess of GOOP

So after my exhaustive research on the internet I've come to this conclusion.  Our bodies DO need sugar....just not FROM sugar.  Cane sugar actually has no nutritional value by itself and really doesn't do anything for us other than make our lives blissfully sweeter and is part of pretty much every happy food memory I own.  But, alas, we can live without it because if we eat a balanced diet, our body will take the sugar it needs to function from the normal every day foods that we eat.  When I took on the sugar free August experiment I knew that I wouldn't be in danger of depriving my body of any key nutrients that say, going dairy free or going vegan might do to me.  I know that my body would just take the sugars it needed from my normal meals.  But, let me tell you, I'm starting to wonder which is better; a smaller pant size or a sugar coma.

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