Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I know that this blog is supposed to be dedicated to the pursuit of a sugar free month, but allow me to  diverge into actual fun territory for a bit.  I've encountered a pocket of true bliss today and I want to share the love.  Today someone did my grocery shopping for me while I slaved away, chained to my desk.  Introducing Instacart.  From the comfort of my desk at work, or an app on my phone, I can order groceries and they deliver it to my work or home. 

The whole reason why this was even a big deal was due to the fact that my daughter wanted red velvet cupcakes for her birthday dinner tonight and apparently red velvet is a seasonal flavor that isn't carried in bakeries during the summer months.  So much for picking them up on my way home.  I was trying to figure out how the heck I was going to churn out a 10 hour work day, stop by the grocery store, make dinner AND bake and ice said cupcakes and have enough time to also take the kids to the arcade where her party is tonight.  Enter Instacart.  I asked my 13 year old daughter if she would be willing to make the cupcakes if I had the groceries delivered and she was more than up for it being that it's the summer, she's bored, and likes to bake. 

The first order was free delivery so I just paid for the actual groceries, but for future shopping orders it would run about $5.00 a delivery or I could go all out and sign up for their Instacart Express program which would come out to $15 a month or $149 a year and all the delivery charges on future orders would be covered.  Almost like an Amazon Prime subscription.  Who knows, maybe I would end up saving money by letting someone else simply pick up the items on my grocery list instead of me going into the grocery store and being lured by all of the yummy things not on my list.  Anyway,  if you want to save $10 and get free delivery on your first order use code BGANZBD1A3 to get started!

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