Thursday, August 31, 2017

End of August Results....Drumroll Please....

It's the end of August and I can already feel the chill of Fall in the air.  Where did the summer go?  It also signals the end of my month long, sugar free experiment.  Drum roll please.

The Results

I'm not going to lie, going sugar free was not fun in the slightest.  Strangely, I also started craving sugary things that I never really craved before when I just ate whatever I wanted.  I became obsessed with the thought of ice cream for some reason.  I did have some slip ups, but by the end of the month I had lost 4 pounds and gone down a percentage in body fat.  The results probably would have been more dramatic if I had actually kept to the experiment flawlessly, but indulging in a little sugar kept me sane and I think that my family values my niceness over my jean size.

My Conclusion

The only thing that all diets have in common are basically these things, eat more vegetables and eat less sugar.  There, in a nutshell is the key my friends to dieting.  I'm not going to adopt a 100% sugar free lifestyle, because I actually don't believe it's all that bad for you in moderation.  I also don't want my children's future memoirs to complain that their friends never wanted to come over to our house because "Mom didn't believe in sugar so instead we played at Jennifer's house because they bought twinkies."  

That's not to say that I'm done with experimenting though.  Life would just get boring if I didn't have something to obsess over so I picked up the book The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.  It's basically a slow carb eating plan that gives you a glorious cheat day once a week and you don't count calories.  Losing weight while not being hungry and binging one day a week?  Bring it on.  

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