Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day One

It’s 10:06 AM right now, I have an hour before I get to have my first meal, and I’ve been hungry for the past 2 hours.  If I could choose any kind of breakfast today with magic non existent calories, I would have a tall flat white from Starbucks and a croissant with avocado, egg, and bacon.  Maybe a little cheese, but I don’t like it when the cheese overpowers the sandwich.  Today I start on my sugar free month.  I’ve packed strawberries to help ward off any sugar cravings and I think I still have a cold gala apple in the fridge that would go great with peanut butter.  I know that peanut butter probably has sugar in it, but I’m rationalizing that since it has the redeeming qualities of protein and fiber, it won’t cause too much damage.  This experiment isn’t about punishment after all, it’s trying to figure out the effects of eliminating added refined sugars blatantly touted as indulgent fare.  Everything has sugar in it after all.

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